These eyewear sports bands are made from neoprene (a material used for sportswear ie, wetsuits) and when in use, sit at the back of your head for added security whilst wearing your valuable eyewear during sporting activities.


The strap has a flourescent styrofoam float which would be seen clearly
floating upon the water if your eyewear were to come off.  The floats are available
in 2.5" or 3" in length, in orange, yellow, pink or green.


Both ends of the straps are running stitched with colour co-ordinating poly cotton with the resulting ends designed to push on & grip the glasses arm ends.

Simply twist the spectacle temple until secure.

Fabric cords may be hand washed in warm water with a mild soap.

This strap is available in 26 colours.


Length of strap measures 16" in length by 2cm wide and 2mm thick
( may vary slightly ).

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Floating Neoprene With
2.5" Float
Floating Neoprene With
3" Float
Price: £4.25
Price: £4.49
Colour of Neoprene

Colour of Float

Colour of Neoprene

Colour of Float